The College was originally founded to harness the power of financial aid and connect first-generation students with ascendant futures. This calling takes on greater urgency, given the intensifying competition in higher education.

What’s more, Stonehill encourages all students to find their own path in life by creating a unique major and collaborating with faculty to design their own education.

TO BE BOLD will enable us to welcome more students eager to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and change-makers. Through the Campaign, we will:

  • GROW ACCESS to a Stonehill education, in part by increasing endowed scholarship funds by 57%—from $53 million to $83 million.

  • CHALLENGE STUDENTS to stretch themselves farther, discover true passions, and never lose sight of their futures.
  • COMPETE FOR TALENT in a shifting demographic landscape that calls for more resources to continue attracting the best and brightest students.

To schedule a conversation about how you can support the Campaign, please contact us at or at (508) 565-1341.

Learn more about scholarships

On May 20, student scholarship recipients and their benefactors discussed the impact of scholarship support on educational access and opportunity, as well as the motivation to give to scholarships.


To schedule a conversation about how you can support the Campaign, please contact us.