Our $75 million comprehensive campaign, TO BE BOLD, embodies a shared vision for Stonehill's future. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to come together for the College we love.

Our Moment TO BE BOLD

The Campaign's record-setting $75 million goal reflects years of smart thinking and strategy. It inspires us to invest in what Stonehill does best and what we can do even better.

Thanks to the leadership of our most generous donors, we have raised more than 83% of this goal, as of August 1, 2021.

$75M Goal

$62M Raised

Light Every Path

Boldness springs from the belief that we can raise the sights of everyone we touch.

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Exceed Our Potential

Boldness creates a new home for innovation capable of transforming our entire campus.

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Act Boldly

Boldness embodies our academic leadership and the College's aspirations.

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Make Our Mark

Boldness bands us together in elevating our collective future.

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Attend an Event

  • Oct. 7: Celebrate Dean Salvucci

    Hold the date, as we'll be celebrating Debra Salvucci, Founding Dean of the Leo J. Meehan School of Business, and her retirement after 36 years of service to the College.

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